Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Abstinence-until-marriage "education" makes no sense. Teens are going to have sex, and they should know how to do it safely. It's not as if getting married makes you unable to get a disease or an unplanned pregnancy.

The benefits often cited of sex after marriage can be achieved through any faithful monogamous relationship, whether or not it is recognized by the Church or State. Abstinence-only (especially abstinence-until-marriage) miseducation is another attempt to put religion into public schools.

Of course, education should mention abstinence as an option, and explain how it is the only 100% effective method, but it must also recognize teens are going to have sex, as is demonstrated by the fact that those who take abstinence pledges tend to have just as much or more sex, just anally or orally.

Abstinence-only driver's ed

Oh, and happy Earth Day.

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