Sunday, August 30, 2009


("..." means I've deleted an irrelevant comment.)

Stranger: Wouldn't u rather live happily for all eternity than just big black nothingness?
You: Believing something different isn't going to make an afterlife materialize
You: that's an argumentum ad consequentium
You: aka wishful thinking
Stranger: Except there really is afterlife. If there wasn't what's the point in being born and created?
You: Who says there has to be a point?
You: I was conceived because a sperm happened to fertilize an egg
You: Life began because Carbon likes to bond into long chains
Stranger: How do you think you were created? And the universse? Where'd it come from?
You: When a mommy and a daddy love eachother very much...
Stranger: They don't have to love each other
You: I know
You: it's just a cliche'
Stranger: But into the world. Where'd ppl come from?
Stranger: I know that
You: what do you mean by people?
Stranger: Humans
You: We evolved from simpler lifeforms. duh
Stranger: Where'd the simpler lifeforms come from?
You: Like I said, carbon likes to form chains
Stranger: Where'd the carbon come from?
You: Stars
Stranger: And stars, where are they from?
You: Stars are formed when clouds of gas are pulled together by gravity and are compressed enough to begin fusion
Stranger: Where'd all that stuff come from. Something had to create everything
You: The gas?
You: It's just hydrogen atoms mostly.
Stranger: But who created that?
You: Who?
You: Nobody.
Stranger: Then how'd it get there?
You: When gamma rays cool down enough, they become matter
You: e=mc2
You: forces like electromagnetism and the strong and weak forces pull together and maintain the atoms
Stranger: ...
You: The gamma rays were cooled by the expanding universe
You: ...
You: Anyway
Stranger: ...
You: The gamma rays and universal expansion came from the big bang
You: ...
You: ...
Stranger: ...
You: brb, don't disconnect
Stranger: Ok
Stranger: ...
You: ...
Stranger: ...
You: ...
Stranger: ...
You: ...
You: ...
Stranger: ...
You: yes
Stranger: ...
You: kk
You: Anyway
You: back to universal history
You: The gamma rays came from the Big Bang
Stranger: Alright
Stranger: I'd still think it's scary to live life thinking this is all you have. A fucked up life and then nothing after u die. Not too comforting
You: It'd be an awful life to live finding out that I live in a celestial dictatorship
You: that there's no way out of
You: And that there's a god who punishes people for not guessing (s)he exists when the universe was made in such a way as to suggest the Big Bang
You: and when we were given the power to reason
You: Plus everlasting life would get boring eventually
Stranger: No I don't think it would
You: and I'd never be able to rest knowing that billions of souls are burning forever
You: and that I couldn't communicate with those on earth
You: I'd probably stage an uprising against God
You: Because he's a dick.
Stranger: But it's their fault. Plus in heaven u can't feel pain so either you wouldn't know or it doesn't bother you
You: Then that's plain manipulation
Stranger: I'm sorry you think like that
You: I wouldn't want to be happy if it means mindcontrol
You: It'd be like being drugged
Stranger: Wow. You're ... difficult ...
Stranger: I'm drugged right now.. Vicodin plus pot equals fantastic
You: lol
You: It'd be like being drugged against my will
You: I'd rather keep my brain thankyouverymuch
You: and my reason
Stranger: Arghh I got chocolate on my blankets
You: and freewill
You: Yum
Stranger: Well you're entitled to your beliefs and opinions so I'm nor gunna push u into Christianity
You: But, anyway
Stranger: I don't like when people do that
You: If God drugs people into complacency
You: Then I don't want to worship him
You: If he exists, I hope he gets overthrown
You: I'd replace him with a democracy
You: a constitutional democracy
Stranger: ...
You: He'd go in jail for mass murder and property damage

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