Saturday, June 6, 2009


Ah, don't you just luuurve the media's selective reality?

MSNBC just did a segment on the investigation of Tiller's assassination. In an example of how fair and balanced they are, they did not bring a guest from the pro-life movement to explain how the entire movement is abhorred by the murder. No, they bring on a Roebot who likens pro-lifers to the KKK and says we have a "totalitarian impulse".

Tiller is "an innocent man".
The Pill's abortifacient properties is handwaved by saying the pill helps women.
Anything is justified as long as it is a hard choice.
The unborn apparently don't exist, and neither does the mainstream pro-life movement.
The argument is between the pro-choice and the anti-abortion (or even the "anti-choice").
The pro-life movement is incredibly violent.
The pro-life movement is NOT less violent than the civil rights movement.
The number of late-term babies killed yearly is
NOT a thousand times the number of abortionists killed in the last 3 dozen years.

This [crap] is borderline slander/libel.

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