Saturday, October 3, 2009


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You: hi
Stranger: hey :)
You: wanna have a pointless political debate?
Stranger: sure!
You: gay marriage: for or against?
Stranger: for
You: me too
Stranger: good :)
You: im an atheist
You: u?
Stranger: i'm catholic...sorta. My family's catholic.
You: okay
You: why are you catholic?
Stranger: because... my family is?
You: but do you have any logical reasons to believe in the existence of a supreme deity?
You: any empirical evidence?
Stranger: nope. just makes you feel better to think that there's something helpin you along.
You: that doesnt make it true
You: a man may be happy at the thought that there's a diamond the size of a refrigerator in hi backyard
You: but hes still crazy
Stranger: no it doesn't. who says i say it's true? reincarnation'd be pretty sweet too. anything that means there's more to life than just this one.
You: but a notion that makes you happy isnt necessarily true
You: so thats no reason to believe
You: assuming u care about the truth
Stranger: like a said before, it doesn't have to be true. if there really is no life after this, i'd rather be happy now then spending my life dreading the end
You: but if you recognize that this is the only life you;ve got, you'll more likely live it to the fullest
You: instead of counting on a pipe dream
Stranger: but if you recognize that this is the only life, that's on your mind and you realize you can't do much with yourself, because you're not going to live to see the results.
You: its not about living to see the results
You: its about making life better 4 every1
Stranger: by preaching that there is no hope?
You: no by preaching that this is your only life, so live it to the fullest
You: by fighting for equality, social and economic
You: by fighting to give food to the starving
You: by fighting to embetter medicine to make our lives longer
You: by fighting violence in all its forms
Stranger: you can do that and be religious. Mother Theresa? Ghandi?
Stranger: Martin Luther King Jr?
You: by fighing bronze-aged superstitions that cause attrocities like the holocaust, the inquisition, the mistreatment of women, 9/11
You: but anyway, a comforting belief can be wrong
You: you're commiting the fallacy of wishful thinking
You: an argumentum at consequentiam
Stranger: you can't prove that things like love and happiness exist, so they could be untrue. Those emotions still make us happy, don't they?
You: no we actually can prove that love and happiness exist
You: weve studied the brain and know exactly what chemicals signal and cause them
You: the difference is that emotions THEMSELVES make us happy
Stranger: you can prove that there are hormones in the brain. but there are hormone imbalances that exist. the people and brains that have been tested could have had imbalences
You: not the CONCEPT of emotuon
Stranger: and who is to say that it isn't god HIMSELF making us happy when we feel joy?
You: we already know what causes joy
You: enorphins for one
You: thats why drugs are pleasurable
Stranger: endorphins? cause the feeling of joy, not actual joy.
You: joy is a feeling
You: you're now commiting the no true costman fallacy
You: ^scotsman
Stranger: no, it causes the guise of joy. Drugs don't acutally make you happy, they convince you that you're happy by causing imbalances in your brain.
You: happiness IS an imbalance in the brain
You: if it werent for those chemicals that your brain releases and the firing of neurons, happiness would not exist
Stranger: why not "fire off those neurons" by believing that there is a better life out there, rather than killing yourself and ruining the one you have with drugs?
You: so you think we should believe anything that makes us happy, regardless of its veracity?
Stranger: why not?
Stranger: i'd rather be happy than wallow in self pity
You: if believing there's an invisible pink unicorn in my shoe that wil give me a cake after i die for every woman i rape, thats okay/
You: ?
Stranger: that's the dumbest shit i've ever heard, that's not even a legitimate argument. THAT would be what we call the crazies and it would be time to lock you away
Stranger: time out. Obama or McCain?
You: but an invisible sky daddy that controls everything and will let you live forever and torture ppl 4ever but loves everyone is sane?
You: i dont like either
You: but obama is better i guess
Stranger: good man! :)
You: i dont like his position on prenatal rights
Stranger: you don't like abortion?
You: no i dont
You: y?
Stranger: just makin sure. that's one issue i don't really like to get into ever.
You: oh
You: y not?
Stranger: Because of my religion and my family, basically.
You: explain?
Stranger: Catholicism (and living in super conservative and religious Kansas) has pretty much ruined my points of view on most of the major issues. I can't really lean either way for fear of being rejected.
Stranger: the only issue i'm sure and certain on is that I support gay marriage wholeheartedly.
You: oh okay
You: thats another benefit of atheism
You: freethought
Stranger: true. i don't entirely believe in god. I'm more of a deist (i think that's how you spell it)
Stranger: so that's why i'm only sort of catholic
You: oh ok
You: deism says nothing about an afterlife
You: I'm a humanist, so I oppose abortion on the grounds that human life has value.
Stranger: yeah, that's the reason why i'm sort of catholic too? i dunno what i am really.
You: maybe unitarian?
Stranger: whas that?
You: not sure
Stranger: lol
You: more liberal christian denomination
Stranger: cool? haha, i don't really know how that'd go :P
You: id have 2 look it up
You: but may you find the denomination that fits you
You: :)
Stranger: yeah. well, i have a choir concert to go to! peace, mann! had fun talkin to you :)
You: ok
You: :)
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