Saturday, October 17, 2009

Doe, oh dear.

I've discussed Doe v. Bolton before, so I'll just do a brief overview.

Basically, Roe v. Wade presented what seemed to be a reasonable compromise, and many people still see it as one. However, it demanded that abortions be allowed until birth for "health", which they Doe (decided the same day as Roe) defined so broadly as to cover emotional concerns, familial concerns, the mother's age, et cetera.

In the same thread I mentioned yesterday, someone claimed that this means no elective abortions can be performed after viability. In his/her opinion, a woman could be carrying a postterm baby, the doctors could be about to induce labor, and the mother could decide at the last minute that she wants an abortion. Because she wants it, not getting it would logically have a negative emotional effect. By this poster's logic, killing a 42-week fetus would count as "therapeutic".

Why do people laugh at Roebots?
Only Roebots don't understand why.

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