Friday, January 16, 2009

The bigots at Democratic Underground

I just wanted to warn you that, as far as progressives go, I have never seen more hidebound, illiberal, intolerant, narrow-minded bigots as those at Democratic Underground. I spent less than a day there before I was banned for heresy. I am very supportive of progressive ideals, yet I disagreed with them on abortion, so I was banned. Never mind the fact that my opposition to abortion comes from an entirely secular progressive viewpoint. Never mind that I was completely civil in my posts.

I'm not surprized, though. Their demeaner is entirely that of a group protected from any and all opposition or criticism. They regularly call those who support the rights of the preborn "anti-choice" or "Jesus freaks" that "have a Bible to sell you", and generally show bigotry towards and prejudiced stereotypes of those who disagree with them. They are Roebotic to the extreme.

Now, not all of them are like this. Those that debated me were very civil and rational. I'm not talking about them.


Anonymous said...

Democratic Underground has a well deserved bad reputation for censorhip, even if you are a sincere progrssive.

Nulono said...

They have a wonderful reputation for censorship. They have a horrendous reputation for free speech.