Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I guess I lied...

I thought it was impossible for someone to have a negative IQ. But the North Dakota House voted for a bill giving personhood to all human beings, and Amanda Marcotte (yes, the one I said I'd not be reading anymore) was like "ZOMG SPERM HAVE MOAR RITES DAN WOMYN!!!1eleven"

No, I'm serious.

"It’s about making sure that sperm, once released inside women, are not obstructed from impregnating a woman and maintaining that pregnancy."

Umm... what? Sorry, but this bill only applies to zygotes onwards, not sperm. Any efforts possible may be made to stop the sperm from fertilizing the egg. 

A comment:

I really don’t care if a fertilized egg is a person. No person has a right to enslave me, glom onto my body, and use it for life support against my will."

Okay. Once this bill passes the Senate, try to make that point.

You can't. He or she didn't "glom onto [your] body". You [freaking] put it there! You're basically saying you can consent to throwing a rock at someone's window but not consent to it breaking. You're basically saying you can destroy someone's house, then say they're stealing and trespassing for staying with you while it's being fixed. You're basically saying you can drag someone on board your plane, then claim they have no right to be there and shove them off at 5000 feet.

And let's assume you're right. Even so, abortion is not just detaching; it is as if, in Thompson's Violinist scenario, you were to brutally rip the violinist to shreds to stop him from using your body. It's as if you had injured him in thje first place!

That's your problem; if you truly thought the personhood of the unborn was irrelevant, you wouldn't be opposing this bill so vehemently.

Also, it's "un-be-fucking-lievable".

Another comment:
"Uh, aren’t cancer cells “organisms with the genome of homo sapiens”?"
Uh, no.

Another comment:
"I think platelets, like red blood cells, don’t have cell nuclei, hence no (complete) human genome. Of course, if you take the thing completely literally, a spitball should be able to run for public office."
One: it does not say "anything with a human genome". It says any organism with a human genome.
Two: Not all persons may run for public office. Foreigners can't, young people can't, and corporations, who are legally people, can't.

Some people's heads are so empty I swear they're full of antimatter. Except then they would explode. Which would be awesome.Anyone know how to block a site from your computer? I can feel my braincells dieing.

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ockraz said...

In my experience you'd probably be wasting your breath since the ppl who make sperm/tumor arguments don't know the difference between a gamete and a zygote anyway.

This is like the 5th time I've seen a reference to pandagon since I joined A|N. Who is she and why does anyone care what she says? Is she the Paris Hilton of the atheist set or what?

ockraz said...
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ockraz said...

Ooooh. Okay. I guess she's just come up in the A|N talks because she's such an outspoken proponent of the "pro-life"="theocracy" argument that atheist pro-choicers are addicted to promulgating.

As far as I can tell, she's just an abrasive author of a feminist weblog. I still don't see why anyone gives a flying *#@% what she says.

Nulono said...

FYI, deleting one's own post is frowned upon here.