Friday, February 27, 2009

A Roebot has questions for me...

1: Even if personhood starts at fertilization, citizenship still comes at birth, a more convenient date.
2: Infant mortality used to be so high it through this off. The solution is simple: we use the mean age of death.
3: No.
4: I fail to see your point. There's a difference between someone being killed and dieing of natural causes. Gay rights activists protest hate crimes, not STDs.
5: Even now prenates can have insurance.
6: If the mother knows she is pregnant and behaves overly recklessly she should be charged with child endangerment.
7: She should be charged with voluntary manslaughter under duress.
9: Yes.
10: The same as they'll have after birth.
11: Clearly, not everyone who comes in would use their own eggs. A woman would have the procedure, and the next women would use the excess eggs.
12: Imagine there's a man in front of you with a bulge in his coat and there's an 80% chance he'll shoot you. These cases arise all the time, and there are legal procedures in place to deal with them.

Roebots have this thing where they think they can trip you up on really simple questions.

Simple questions have simple answers.

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