Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Wait, there's a debate over ______?": prenaticide

I've explained why abortion is not a reproductive right, why it's not a privacy right, why "the right to choose" is meaningless, what abortion actually is, and why prenatal rights do not mean female slavery. I have dissected the "tubesock holocaust" absurdity. I have explained how the unborn cannot be blamed. I have answered rhetorical questions. I have debunked Roebotic propaganda.

Abortion is not a medical procedure because medicine is the art and science of healing, and thus abortion is antithetical to health care.

I've grappled with the dumbest. I've debunked numerous fallacious arguments. I've gotten very mad. I've called upon you.

Now, as we reach the end of this experiment and into the year two thousand and ten, I hope I've changed at least one person's mind, or inspired one person to action. Because if this blog saves a single life and spares a single set of parents from grief, it was all worth it.

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