Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Vicious Circle of A**holes

A raging ring of rectums? An angry anal array? Or a sad social situation?
Don't believe me? Then why do we need "experiments" like Days of Kindness? Why is this? Let's assume that everyone is an a**hole. This will make sense later. Now, imagine someone is nice to you. Could they be doing it because they're nice? No, because everyone is an a**hole. They must have an ulterior motive. The nice man must want something from you and/or be a pervert. This leads to a social stigma against acts of kindness, which in turn leads to a reduction in the number of nice acts. This reinforces the notion that everyone is an asshole. Now imagine someone is nice to you. Could they be... See the problem? Want proof? Look at the suggestions of the aforementioned Days of Kindness. Notice how alot seem kind of creepy?
Want to disrupt the cycle? Go ahead; be my guest. Compliment someone and get yourself arrested for sexual harassment. That'll teach you for fucking with the VCoA.

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