Friday, May 1, 2009

Workers Party

I just got another reply. This one defended abortion because "We fundamentally disagree with those who believe that human life begins at conception [a basic scientific fact]; while the embryo and fetus hold the potential of becoming a human being, it is not until the third trimester that the fetus has developed the basic fundamental characteristics that allow it to be a human being" and "We disagree with the concept that a fetus can be part of an "oppressed class" or any other kind of oppressed entity. Oppression, like exploitation, is based on social relationships. For the time that it is a fetus, the entity's entire basis for its social relationships are as an appendage of its mother-host. It has no social relations beyond this, due in no small part to the fact that it has no direct interactions with others. It is not until the fetus is born that it begins to develop those relationships, and thus enters into its human phase of development -- at which point its protection is not only warranted, but needed."

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