Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ahoy, maties!

As ye well know (an' if ye know not, shame on ye landlubber!) today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day (the funnest holiday ever to sail the seven seas!). If ye be one of me hearties that read this here blog regularly, ye know I frown upon the bilge rats that change their captain's log's topic just because it be some holiday. But ITLaPD be not like the lesser holidays.

So today on this here blessed day, enjoy a captain's (b)log entry 'bout copyright law!


Yarr, me hearties, me conscience tells me I cannot discuss that topic fer the reason that I be a pirate, and so I cannot distinguish between downloadin' songs an' theivery, bein' that I see no problem with pillaging an' plundering towns meself.

Join me in a round o' the official ITLaPD song an' I'll add to me (b)log when I think of a subject worthy o' this blessed day!

Yarr, the landlubbers at Google suck at programming, so the formatting be worse 'n a shipwrecked canoe! Enjoy the song at the link.

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