Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm all for embettering humanity, but remember that thing called "liberty"?

1: No STD short of zombism will lead to the "downfall of society".
2: This is creepy, but not in a "that's not natural" way; it's creepy in a "Big Brother can now genetically brainwash your children and literally manufacture consent of the governed" kind of way.
3: Anyone who wants to change the human race has the sticky problem of free will; you may see childbirth as "violent", but that characterization would offend a lot of people.
4: These all seem like radical solutions for minor problems (STDs solved with banning sex and encroaching on personal liberty, gender inequality solved by forcing androgyny upon our offspring, etc.).
5: You already have the right to refuse to have sex until your partner gets tested.
6: Did I mention it's creepy?

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