Friday, September 11, 2009

And now a moment of silence...


This blog updated every day and 9/11 happened 8 years ago, almost a day for every death caused by 9/11.

Although, this blog is text-based. Which means, technically, it's always silent.

Anyway, we still mourn the loss of those three thousand victims killed 8 years ago.

Yet where is the public outrage from the 4,400 innocent unborn children killed every single day in America alone? Where is the sense of unity stemming from this ongoing Holocaust? Why does the nation not feel such an urge to prevent these deaths that we know are happening and can be prevented through education, outreach, support, and legislation? Why was the loss of civil liberties and the deaths of thousands of innocent Iraqis considered acceptable (when they did very little to help prevent future attacks that we didn't even know were coming) when an inconvenience to women is considered a source of outcry?

Of course, I have a bigger point to this. Whenever I debate prenatal rights, someone is bound to say something along the lines of "there are enough people in the world".

I'm not suggesting some sort of forced breeding camp or that all condoms shall be made of cloth. I'm saying that once you do reproduce, your offspring have rights. We could "fix" the population (and feed the hungry!) problem by eating every left-handed 3rd grader. Likewise, the population of the world could be reduced by 17% by killing the entirety of China. Or reduced by 84% by throwing every religious person into a volcano. I'm sure nobody would defend these "solution".

Merely reducing the population clearly doesn't make something morally defensible. I'm surprised this argument is so popular.

Wait, no I'm not.

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